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Stop Punishing Yourself In The Gym

Working Harder More Often Isn't The Way To Get The Best Results.

Ladies... More exercise DOES NOT = better or faster results.

The same principle applies to boiling water. once the water reaches it's optimal boiling point (100 degrees), it cannot become "more boiled" beyond that... once it's done... it's done. Any more heat is wasted energy.

A lot of women are still in the mindset of having to punish themselves at the gym for hours on end every day in the belief that the harder they work the better or faster the results will come.

Just like boiling water, each person has an optimal state at which results will happen the fastest. Doing more than is required to achieve optimal results is just a waste of time, money & resources.

But it's not your fault.... see you've been led to believe there's something wrong with you and the only way to fix it is by smashing yourself until there's nothing left. Unfortunately... there is no magic pill but smashing yourself into a state of stress isn't going to get you there faster.

Instead, try working on the Minimal Effective Dose required for you to achieve optimal results. Basically, it means doing as little as possible to get maximal results from your training. Ie reaching the boiling point, but no more.

What's the opposite of Minimal Effective Dose? - Spending 30 minutes walking nowhere on a treadmill. - Getting obliterated for 45 minutes so you can't walk out the door. - Going to the gym day and night 6 times/week. - Thinking that because you're split training leg day with upper body day, you're allowing recovery time. - Spending 2 hours in the gym to hit every muscle in your legs.

To use the MED method, you need to be in tune with your body & lifestyle. Understanding when you've done enough to cause a positive adaptation without tipping you over the edge into a stressful state during recovery.

Listen to your body. Pain is usually the first sign that you're training in a stressful state.


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