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My original goal was just to be able to touch my toes but after accomplishing that goal in my first session we then moved on to my next goal...


Being able to play soccer again pain free!

It’s now 2020 and I’m excited to say I've played the last 2 seasons pain-free and confidently after over three years out of the game!


The process has been long and very challenging at times, however, I don't think I ever would have gotten to this point if it wasn't for the team at ETR, their knowledge, passion and commitment to helping people is first class.



Before training with ETR I was challenged with mobility concerns to the thoracic & shoulders. I can’t remember ever being able to extend my arms straight up over-head whilst training with kettlebells & Barbells. I used to force myself to adopt certain positions while training which resulted in chronic thoracic tension, discomfort and pain. Massage and chiropractic care were regular rituals of mine. My performance eventually plateaued and then I received a rotator cuff injury as i tried to push through it, followed by a hip INjury.


Que ETR…

I’ve been actively working with Jason since July 2017 and am currently experiencing the best condition of my adult life.

I feel stronger, more robust yet flexible as well and I have lost the chronic muscular tension I used to suffer from.


I'm happy that I have adopted a motor capacity that is conducive to good health and sustained performance.



In June 2017 I was recommended by a friend to go and chat to Jason at Earn the Right after a labrum tear in my right hip.


 I was told that surgery would be my only option moving forward if I wanted to get rid of the pain I was suffering and eventually getting me back on track to start running again.


When I meet Jason I was suffering from hip pain every day and was dosing up on painkillers to reduce the pain.


I think it took about 6 sessions with Jason for my glutes to fire and with doing my exercises I was given to do each day I was pain free!

I would highly recommend Jason and ETR to anyone looking to remove pain and improve their fitness or just trying to get their body functioning well.


Caught up with Gordon Stimson after his phenomenal performance with the Hurricane Paddling Crew over at Nationals in June 2022. Our challenge for Stimo was keeping his shoulder from blowing out with his training load ramping up (including a 50km race) in the 3 months leading up to nationals… Pumped we were able to get him there and he absolutely smashed it with his team!

Brad G.

Jadryn D.

Journey to the 2020 Olympics for Pro Fencer Jadryn


"It's given me the confidence to go, yeh this is what I'm gonna do and this is what's going to define me..."


Jadryn Dick shares with us what it takes to become a champion on the road to Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Wise words from the young & talented Australian champ.


What does it mean to be strong?

“Feeling strong, both physically and mentally… seeing and feeling progression in yourself, it’s about knowing that you’re better than you were yesterday and saying goodbye to all those little ‘nigglings’ and issues that might have been holding you back. Mentally, being strong means changing your mindset from I can’t do that” to “I can’t do that now, but I will be able to soon. Physically, being strong is not just about having a six pack and huge muscles but about having a body that supports itself and is not causing pain in one area by compensating in another.​"

Couch Time with Brad - Father of 3

"It had been a long time since I’d been to a gym before I started at ETR. I guess there was always that thought in my head of joining a gym of what that means, the stereotypical gym where you just become a member and have to then motivate yourself to get along then you're left to your own devices not really sure if what you're doing is right. So coming to Earn The Right and pretty much from day one I sort of realised that this gym's not like that. Which, was great, it sort of made me feel like I could feel at home and fit in and be a part of it.


The style of training and the great coaching has made it very easy to get engaged. I’m loving the training and enjoying the results of feeling stronger. three or four hours a week first thing in the morning I get up and do it and feel better for it, so I actually you get that time back because I'm more productive elsewhere throught my day. 


And just having more energy and being able to move freer means I can do more active stuff with the kids. But also as a role model as a parent I know my greatest responsibility is being a role model for my three kids. And they know I go to the gym in the mornings and I'm getting fitter, they notice it and they see it, hopefully that's creating a good mindset for them to see that's a good thing to do."

Andrew E.

Andrews Journey from 0 to Hero

"You don't really know how far you've fallen until you stop one day & take notice" 


Meet Andrew; a tech accounting genius whose an explorer at heart and loves rock climbing and bush walking.


After spending many years focused on building his successful accounting business he hit a point where his health had deteriorated. "It's been a progressive chain of events that was really starting to affect my quality of life, not being able to sleep, affecting my mood because a lot of dull throbbing pain..."


After 5 months of training with ETR he's back to doing what he loves and enjoying every moment being able to. Awesome work Andrew! Looking forward to the next 6 months.


Does this resonate with where you're at? If so, give us a message telling us about what's stopping you from having more strength & a better quality of life.

Mike M.

Mike's first session was humbling

Meet Mike - on the left learning the deadlift with a 16kg Kettlebell, on the right lifting 100kg for 3 reps. Mike came to ETR 12 months ago to regain the strength he lost after “3 of the most frustrating, injury riddled years of my life.”

Like most young men he spent a lot of time building the beach muscles. Years on, he found himself helpless & hopeless, lost all confidence, living in pain every day and not knowing where to go for help.


“At 30 years old and a fitness professional for over a decade at the time, this was not a happy neighborhood to be finding myself in. My first sessions with Jason were humbling to say the least, I vividly remember being sorted out very quickly by a pink 8kg Kettlebell and feeling miles away from anywhere near I wanted to be. It was during this time I set myself a goal to deadlift 100kg. AND with a lot of hard work I achieved this goal last week, roughly 12 months since I first started.To say I thought this was impossible a year ago is a massive understatement. I truly believe this result is a shining endorsement of the knowledge, dedication and passion Jason possesses. However, for me, it is Jason’s previous personal experience with chronic pain which sets him apart. He just “gets it” and to me that is critically important. I usually cringe at the word journey, it is thrown around far too often for me. However that is exactly what this has been and will continue to be for myself. Jason and Earn the Right has given me back capabilities I literally thought were gone forever. I leave every session better than the way I went in, and that is something I am eternally grateful for.”


Awesome work Mike. From all the team at ETR, congrats on all your hard work! Looking forward to many more milestones with you.

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