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Winging Scapular Fix

Winging scapulas and pinchy shoulders... 🧐

If you’ve ever been told you need to strengthen your serratus anterior... this one is for you.

🤔 I did hundreds of Push Up Plus (left video) but could never feel my serratus working. It was always my pecs, shoulders & lats. The dominant muscles were taking over.

🤥 A common presumption after shoulder injury is that if you do X exercise, all will work correctly again. In reality, this works, until it doesn’t and it’s a little more complex than that when it doesn’t.

Then the question is... why doesn’t it?

🔒 After trauma, your stabilising muscles lock up to protect you, if they’ve been locked for a while, chances are you have no idea what it should feel like to use them correctly.

🧠 Depending on your situation the push up plus might be too complex for your brain to allow you to perform using the correct muscles. Kind of like trying to fly a plane and all you’ve got is a drivers license.

Instead... try the kneeling activation (right video)

How to perform:

1️⃣ Knees under your hips.

2️⃣ Elbows inline with shoulders and 45 degree angle.

3️⃣ Hands inline with shoulders and holding a dowel stick with palms down.

4️⃣ Take a breath in at the top.

5️⃣ Then as you rock your hips back, breathe out and push your mid back up & away from the bench.

6️⃣ Hold the end position until you’ve finished your breath.

👉 You should feel your rib cage (under your lats) wanting to cramp as a result of using your serratus.✅

Now you know what your serratus feels like to work, now go use it with pulls & presses.

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