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REDEFINING STRENGTH AND pioneering a better way of BUILDING resilience & Confidence


Lack of good movement adds stress to your body, which is experienced as immobility, injury or pain.


Earn The Right is a Movement & Strength gym in West Perth that works with individuals to build strength through movement. Challenging the status quo to reach a higher level of awareness for all individuals in pursuit of a building a strong, pain-free and resilient body.


We cater for people of all levels and stages in their health and strength journey. From those who like individual attention with Personal Training, to those who like mixing it up with other like-minded individuals in our Small Group/Semi-Private Training.

Our Services



We help our members achieve their best results through education and awareness.

Our signature Bullet Proof Your Shoulders and Bullet Proof Your Back workshops are the place to start if you've ever asked the question "WHY?".

We educate on fundamental movement and strength principles which enables people to remove roadblocks and surpass previous limitations.



Our Private & Semi-Private Coaching options are all about working together with you to equip you with the knowledge & tools you need to achieve the goals that are most important to you.

Working closely with our experienced coaches you can guarantee the best results. It's a great fit for people who are looking to restore movement or to discover their potential in the fastest way possible..


Trying to get fitter, stronger, faster but keep running into roadblocks?

A major contributor to why people don't persist with or achieve their health or performance goals is due to getting injured or lacking confidence in their body after injury.

What causes injury?

One key factor is poor joint mobility (the ability for one bone to articulate with another). This means if one joint is compromised, then another joint (and muscles) will have to "pick up the slack" and work harder than they should, leading to overuse and pain.

How to fix?

To prevent or reduce the risk of injury it's important to know whether you have poor or good mobility and control of your body so you know where you to start with getting your body performing efficiently and at it's optimal.

Download the Self Mobility Assessment to discover what's holding you back from becoming the fittest, strongest and fastest you've ever been.

At Home Self Mobility Assessment - 2020.png



INJURY rehabilitation and management

Step 1. Historical Review, Movement Screen & Goals Analysis



Step 2. Create Rehab & Movement Plan




"For the past 10 years, I had some major shoulder problems, I felt like I was a 70 year old man who couldn't walk and I couldn't stand it any more. And now, from what I can do now with quite a lot of ease it's just blowing me away. I wake up and go to sleep now without any pains. My shoulder mobility is so much better. I can wake up in the morning and bounce out of bed rather than waking up and going oh, my knees are still sore and my shoulders.


It's really transformed the way I am and it's made me a happier person. Everything has changed from the way I feel when I'm sitting down and also the way I run my business. It's helped me with everything."



Step 1. Lifestyle, Posture and Movement Screen & Goals Analysis


Step 2. Create Lifestyle Plan

Screenshot (808).png




"I run a building company with my husband. Coming to Earn The Right helped me realise I don't have to kill myself to be strong. It's a relief that you don't have to pound your body, and if you have a structured programme that's well thought out, that's personalised for you, you can achieve things without just flogging yourself. 


I think I would find it hard to go back to a traditional type of gym, because you're not getting that personalised service. That's the biggest difference, my coach and knowing that he understands what I'm capable of doing and knows when to pull back and to push me a bit harder, so that's been really nice, and I think very worthwhile. That's the biggest difference for me."



Step 1. Movement Screen, Program Design & Goals Analysis



Step 2. Create Performance Program





"I won my first national title, Under 17s Champ. August last year, I won my first Open National Circuit competition, and then on the same weekend, I also won the Under 23s National Championship. 


Coming to Earn The Right, it's been all about the little things, it's all the one percenters that make everything up. This training was definitely thinking outside the box. I was doing one session a week for four months, and in that four months, I became a two-time Australian champ after that. I've always felt like if I feel right in myself, and I feel good in my body, then I'll perform. It's really given me the confidence to go "Yeah, this is "what I'm gonna do, this is what's gonna define me."



Jason Dick spent the last 15 years as a Personal Trainer & Strength Coach challenging the status quo and learning from some of the best experts in the field of strength & rehabilitation in the world.


For Jason, building resilience is a fundamental factor of becoming strong. He learned this the hard way by experiencing many sport induced injuries in his younger years and not giving his body the respect it deserved. Temporarily losing the use of his hand and his ability to walk as a result, he travelled the world seeking answers to the question "where did I go wrong?". His mission is to share with you his findings.


not sure if this is for you?
here's what our current clients have to say.



My original goal was just to be able to touch my toes but after accomplishing that goal in my first session we then moved on to my next goal...


Being able to play soccer again pain free!

It’s now 2020 and I’m excited to say I've played the last 2 seasons pain-free and confidently after over three years out of the game!


The process has been long and very challenging at times, however, I don't think I ever would have gotten to this point if it wasn't for the team at ETR, their knowledge, passion and commitment to helping people is first class.



Before training with ETR I was challenged with mobility concerns to the thoracic & shoulders. I can’t remember ever being able to extend my arms straight up over-head whilst training with kettlebells & Barbells. I used to force myself to adopt certain positions while training which resulted in chronic thoracic tension, discomfort and pain. Massage and chiropractic care were regular rituals of mine. My performance eventually plateaued and then I received a rotator cuff injury as i tried to push through it, followed by a hip INjury.


Que ETR… I’ve been actively working with Jason since July 2017 and am currently experiencing the best condition of my adult life.

I feel stronger, more robust yet flexible as well and I have lost the chronic muscular tension I used to suffer from.


I'm happy that I have adopted a motor capacity that is conducive to good health and sustained performance.



In June 2017 I was recommended by a friend to go and chat to Jason at Earn the Right after a labrum tear in my right hip.


 I was told that surgery would be my only option moving forward if I wanted to get rid of the pain I was suffering and eventually getting me back on track to start running again.


When I meet Jason I was suffering from hip pain every day and was dosing up on painkillers to reduce the pain.


I think it took about 6 sessions with Jason for my glutes to fire and with doing my exercises I was given to do each day I was pain free!

I would highly recommend Jason and ETR to anyone looking to remove pain and improve their fitness or just trying to get their body functioning well.



3 phase

Ever heard one of these:

"You'll never do a pull-up again"

"There's nothing wrong with your shoulder"

"You're over-training"

"Stop playing sport"

"Stop working out"

"Try this X band-aid fix"

"Just rest"

"It's in your head"

If so, hit the button below to find out more about the 3 Phase Online Bulletproof Your Shoulder Program.



0403 846 188


72 Plaistowe Mews,

West Perth WA 6005

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