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strength project


our revolutionary 6 week program

next project starts AUGUST 12th

You don’t have to wake up stiff & sore for the rest of your life.


The Strength Project is specifically designed 6 week training program to educate you on the best strategies for removing any physical roadblocks holding you back. We help you discover that invincible feeling again by showing you how to tap into your true strength potential. Our proven systems & personalized approach deliver specific results, unlike other "one size fits all approach" training programs.



Personalized coaching



with an expert Strength

Coach 4 times a week


functional movement screening


to find your movement capacity & to identify any roadblocks that will prevent you from progressing every week


private performance workshop



delivers everything you need to know and how to apply the principles we follow to maximise your results

strength testing week

identifies challenges and goals

body composition testing

using the InBody 570 Scanner

Strength project manual


with tips on improving Performance in normal day

to day life

private facebook group


full of like minded people with specific tips on training, nutrition & body composition



we choose stRength

I’m a mum of 3 lovely children. 2 years ago I was a little lost, to say the least. Overweight, over stressed, frustrated with myself and knew something had to change. I found Earn The Right while looking for a team who would not only challenge me physically and mentally but also understand and heal my pain.


Since coming to Earn The Right I’ve not only increased my fitness and strength, I’ve accessed a new awareness to my emotional state. And in doing so I’ve found the me that I lost in becoming a wife and mother. I say that in the sense that when you immerse yourself in this role, you put yourself last and little bit by bit you keep to yourself, and anything for yourself, gets lost or eroded along the way and you find yourself trying to find it again. I have found that taking control of one area of my life that I desperately needed to control, I had the strength to tackle more areas of my life that needed to be addressed. As a mum, I feel that being stronger physically and mentally I am more present with my kids and can give them more of the real me instead of the shell that I was. I can honestly say that without Jason and Earn The Right I may not have taken the steps I needed to be where I am today.

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