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From Rehab & Strength Coach Jason Dick

You are invited to join the...

4 Day Mobility Challenge

4 Days to dive deep into the roadblocks holding you back so you can re-discover your strength, confidence and performance potential.

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You've been living with constant aches/pains for years due to injuries sustained in your younger years and not sure how to train beyond them

​You're frustrated because everything you've tried up until now has worked to a degree but hasn't really solved the cause of your problem

You feel confused with all the information about what you "should" or "shouldn't" be doing to help yourself

You're feeling weak, vulnerable and helpless in your body but you don't know what to do next




- Knowledge - it's easy to come by but hard to know what to do with it all. I spend hours searching for answers but no closer to the solution

- Confidence - I feel helpless and hopeless, every person I see tells me "don't do this" or "I should do this", it's hard to know who to trust

- Results - I feel good at the start when I feel things working but then it's like I hit a wall and stop getting better

- Boring - doing the same rehab or stretching exercises every day, I feel like I should be getting better if I keep doing them, not relying on them to get me through the day. Exercise should make me want to do more



I feel it too. I've been there. Which is why I am excited to teach you how EASY it is to get out of "help me" mode and back into being STRONG. 

Getting your body strong again doesn't mean wrapping you up in bubble wrap or doing hours of rehab every day just to feel ready to workout.

This challenge will deliver to you, practical and actionable advice in punchy, quick, live training sessions. Strategies so simple you will kick yourself for not doing this sooner!

Everyone talks about how important mobility and exercise are, but let’s be real… you hear it… but applying it is a whole other level of “how the shit am I going to do it without injuring myself further?” or… “where do I even begin? 

To put it bluntly… mobility doesn’t feel important when you sit 10 hours a day, have kids to keep alive and healthy, deadlines to meet or just being generally happy. But the missing key is that you need to be active in the learning process... if you don't move well, you're a ticking time bomb waiting to go off... how will that impact your work, your family, your physical health and most importantly your confidence to get "back in the game"?



I will share over 4 days,  simple concepts that will help you START to understand YOUR body. 15mins a day… a short lecture… a simple daily assignment. If you can’t commit to this you are not committed to fixing yourself!

You've ignored your issues for long enough! It's time to say YES and start giving your body the respect it deserves.

DAY ONE - Know where you're at!

What can you do, what can't you do? Your awareness of your own movement will be different from what others can see. I will teach you how to identify where to address first for problems if/when they arise in the future.

DAY TWO - Peeling the onion... What is causing your issues?

We will unpack each major cause of mobility issues so you know what you need to do first.

We get clear on what methods deliver the best "bang for your buck". Because what you need to today, you may not need to do next week, as your body adapts and gets stronger.


DAY THREE - Short term solution?!

What are they? Stretching, Self Myofaascial Release, Massage, Dry Needling etc.

Why they work sometimes, and sometimes not. How and when to use quick fixes and how are they relevant to you.

DAY FOUR - Long term solution!

We bring it all together. Giving you a structure to follow next time you go out for a run or to the gym. 

Giving you a plan to implement so you feel confident that what you're doing is actually making your better, not slowly breaking you down.

Ultimately ensuring you can continue to chase your dream from here on and for ever.

I've found myself working alongside many Musculo Skeletal Therapists and also learning from some of the worlds best coaches and athletes from Ballerinas, Gymnasts, BJJ & Martial Artists, Strong Men, Powerlifters, Yogi's etc that there is something truly valuable to learn from everybody. Strength for me has always been a journey of discovery, a constant conversation with self; and one of my pillars of success.


My career started in the fitness industry over 12 years ago as a Physical Education Teacher. After a short time teaching, I realised that wasn't the industry I was going to be able to create the biggest impact in, I started as a Personal Trainer helping people to be "the best versions of themselves" but more so to remove the guilt from their overindulgence every weekend. 

Now as a Strength Coach educating people on the roadblocks preventing them from discovering the strength and confidence they had in their younger years.


MY MISSION and my PURPOSE is to help people rediscover their strength. To understand life is not meant to be lived in pain, and to understand what it means to live a strong, empowered life.


I live in Heathridge, Western Australia with my beautiful wife Amanda, my gorgeous daughter Madelyn and husky dog, Rusty. When I’m not working with amazing people like you, you can find me enjoying a cold beer at the beach with friends.





I am a Rehab, Movement & Strength Coach  who works with people who are ready to pull themselves out of the rutt after years of putting up with physical pain, mental negativity and emotional distress, so that they can build resilience and discover a level of strength & confidence they thought was long gone. 

I believe that building resilience to the stressors of life prepares us to be successful in any endeavour, and I think so often the conversation around health & fitness is a vein one about the sexy six pack abs you either have or don't have. What's often forgotten is connection to self, body & mind, and knowing what makes you strong, what you want to achieve and the life you ultimately want to live.



PS: Want to win a FREE Movement & Strength session with me valued at $150?

Join me LIVE for each day of the challenge and take action with each daily strategy for your chance to win!

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