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"How To Bullet Proof Your Shoulders (Ebook)"

Is your answer YES to any of these questions?


  • Do shoulder aches/niggles keep you awake at night?

  • Does the constant pain wear you down to the point that you can't focus?

  • Do they stop you from performing at your best on or off the field?

  • Are you living on painkillers just to get through the day?


I get it, I've been there, going from masseuse to physio to chiro to doctor to specialist (who all just throw the book or hammer at you) and doing all the suggested rehab in between, left me with more questions and pain than answers & solutions... it wasn't until I hit rock bottom after dislocating my shoulder and being told I would never be able to do a pull up or handstand ever again & surgery is probably a good option. 


I wasn't willing to accept that and I guess because you're reading this, you're not either.


I wrote this book as the shoulder is one of the most complex & misunderstood parts of the body which can be super annoying when everything you try, doesn't seem to work... so I'm here to show you a step by step process with a "how to" implementation plan to give you some insights into "why" you're having issues and hopefully how to remove them for good.


I've spent the last 10 years learning from the best rehab & strength coaches, experts & practitioners in the world, refining the old school methodologies but also bringing the latest revolutionary techniques to what I do for people.


It's time to show you what's really going on with your shoulders.

Bullet Proof your Shoulders.PNG

A simple 3 step process to building Bullet Proof Shoulders once and for all.



  • 12 key Principles of Rehabilitation & Strength.

  • The roots of shoulder Dysfunction & Pain.

  • A 6 step Foundational Movement Screen.

  • Over 30 Mobilisation, Muscle Activation, Joint Preparation, Movement Pattern Correction & overall Strengthening Exercises.

  • 3 categories of exercises depending on your level of entry. Beginner, Intermediate or Advance.

  • Everything you need to make sense of your shoulder issues.


Download the first 10 pages of the e-book FREE by clicking on the button below.

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