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Bulletproof Shoulders Guide: Strength Is Rehab

Bullet Proof Your Shoulders with our simple 3 step process to remove pain, build strength and long lasting resilience in your shoulders once and for all.



What's included:

  • Over 30 Mobilisation, Muscle Activation, Joint Preparation, Movement Pattern Correction & overall Strengthening Exercises.
  • Options for all levels of rehab/strength.
  • The 3 key Principles of Rehabilitation & Strength.
  • Step by step instruction on how to perform each exercise.
  • Visual demonstration of exercises.
  • A breakdown of the WHY behind each exercise and how it is applicable to you.
  • CAUTIONS... when not to do certain exercises.
  • Everything you need to remove pain and build long lasting strength.

Bulletproof Shoulders Guide: Strength Is Rehab

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