Feeling like you've been carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders?

Our Sports Massage treatment is ideal for those with painful problem areas caused by overuse, strain or injury, or those with ongoing muscular pain in the lower back, neck or shoulders in particular.

What believe when the body is aligned and balanced moves with more ease, fluidity, efficiency and strength.

For Rehabilitation
For Posture & Movement
For Performance

When accompanied by regular exercise, sports massage is designed to help prevent and relieve tightness. Muscle tightness is known to cause injuries and conditions that are detrimental to your performance, especially beneficial for people who tend to overwork their muscles, causing repetitive strain injuries. Athletes, musicians and some workers are prone to developing unwanted tension in the muscles that are required to perform continuously.


Massage benefits can include:

  • More efficient recovery from heavy workouts

  • Longer and harder training sessions without injury

  • Reduced muscle pain

  • Longer athletic careers