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Welcome to the

6 Week Knee Restoration & Strength Program

Created by Jason Dick in collaboration with Dr Robbie Simons


Below you will see the breakdown of a weekly program with what to do, how many repetitions and an instructional video on how to perform each exercise with progressions/regressions depending on your starting ability and/or the resources you have available to you.

I give you "at home" examples and also gym home examples of each exercise.

When performed consistently week to week you should notice improvement in your range of motion and strength and confidence in your day to day movement.

Don't forget to save or bookmark this page so you always have it ready for when you need it. You will also be emailed this webpage link and a PDF version of the program so keep a look out for that in your inbox (or junk mail).

If you have any issues or questions please feel free to email me at

Gym Program

How often: 3 times/week

How many: Complete 3 rounds of the following 5 exercises

Equipment you'll need or alternatives:

  • Walking Backwards - initially no equipment eventually pulling something you can add load to. This could be a sled in the gym or something you can construct yourself out of an old tyre or wood.

  • A bench, couch or chair

  • Something to use as a step

  • 1 or 2 poles (broom handles from Bunnings are great)

DONT FORGET to click the button below to download your printable PDF program



Begin each session with 5-10 minutes of Backwards Walking


  • Walking backwards on turned OFF treadmill

  • Loaded sled pull

  • Walking backwards up hill



x 20 repetitions

Points to remember:

  1. Hips against wall.

  2. Pull toes and foot up off the ground.

  3. Keep heels on the ground.


REVERSE STEP UP x 10 each side

Points to remember:

  1. Start at 1 inch off the ground.

  2. Touch heel of one foot to ground in front.

  3. Keep load into standing leg heel.



x 10 each side

Points to remember:

  1. 1 foot forward, the other back.

  2. Upright torso

  3. Control down, push back up.



x 15 repetitions

Points to remember:

  1. Hips & knees at 90 degrees

  2. Toes pulled back

  3. Pull through heels

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