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The 5 WORST things I learnt about the fitness industry in my first 5 years as a Personal Trainer


1. Physically

I was severely underqualified to take on other peoples emotional, mental and physiological shit on top of my own.


2. Socially 

What the industry sells as the idea of "fitness" can be unhealthy and dangerous for the uneducated.

Exercise should be to enhance life, not add more stress to it. 


3. Marketing

Social media & marketing rule the market and determine our power to influence more people, either you get good at them and thrive or you don't and you sit there scratching your head in the dark.


4. Finances

NOT every dollar you earn is yours. Financial ignorance is the fastest way to end up in debt.

People invest in their health and we are there to guide them to be efficient and effective with their spending. 


5. Business

Being your own boss is much harder than they make it out to be, you're no longer just a PT. You're also a Marketer, Sales Person, Publisher, Content Creator, Designer, Book Keeper, Psychologist etc... Thus the 2/3rds failure rate of PT's.

If you're still with me I'm guessing you're either a PT or Coach who's looking to take their knowledge & skills to the next level, giving you the reassurance you're doing the right things to ensure the safety of your clients and the security of your future.

If so... Read on!


Right now, the door is open for PT's/Coaches to be mentored by Jason Dick & the team at ETR at our location in West Perth & Online.

Next Mentorship starts March 4th.

8 Week Mentorship.

Only 5 spots available.

The fitness space is changing and growing in Perth at a rate never seen before, AND if you're not keeping up, by default, you're falling behind!

We've seen it happen time & time again and there's a reason why we're still here...​


This is for you if:

You're A "new kid on the block" and want to make sure you're starting off on the right path learning from some of the best coaches in Australia.

You're lost in all the "busy-ness" of trying to run your business & not sure what to do next.

You don't have clarity in your direction.

You've been in the game for a while, you're confident but think it's time to take your skills to the next level and become the Coach you know you can be.

Don't become another one of the "failure PT" statistics .

What is Earn The Right & Who is Jason Dick?

Earn The Right is not your typical gym.

We're a team.

A team of like minded individuals working along side one another toward a common goal.

A common goal of re-defining what it means to be strong, physically & mentally.

And just like a team, we understand that sound mental & physical strength requires long term perspective and see short term setbacks as long term lessons required to succeed. 

To become the person you want to become, you've got to do what you've never done. And in that journey of experiencing what you never have before you'll discover what's been holding you back. What you do with this new found awareness determines whether you get stronger or weaker.

We choose strength.


About Jason Dick


I've spent the last 10 years as a Personal Trainer & Strength Coach asking a lot of questions, challenging the status quo and learning from some of the best experts, practitioners, strength & rehabilitation coaches in the world.


For me, building resilience is a fundamental factor of becoming strong. This I've learned the hard way by smashing my body with sport in my younger years and never really giving it the respect it deserved when the injuries came along. I learnt to ignore the pain and continue on striving towards my goals, until I lost the ability to walk and the use of my hands. I was no longer "response-able" = "dis-abled" and it's taken years to rectify all the wrong I was doing.


I've travelled the world seeking answers to the question "where did I go wrong?"... and now, I'm here to deliver those answers to you, so you don't have to make the same mistakes I did. This is what I do for people today and I feel blessed to have learned the lessons I have. I have specialised knowledge in Rehabilitation & Strength techniques using Kettlebell & Barbell training from which I draw to help people understand their pain and turn it into their strength.

What does this Mentorship cover?


Physical Knowledge & Skills.

The foundation of any great Personal Trainer or Coach is their ability to apply what they know. You won't just be taught, you will be given the opportunity to apply, in a constructive environment.








Business Skills.

Take an "open book" look at the back end and what it takes to run a fully functioning and successful Coaching business. This alone will save you years in time and thousands in $$$ trying to figure it out for yourself.



Sales & Marketing.

Knowing how to communicate your message to the market is key to your ascension as a PT or Coach. We dive deep into the behavioural psychology and strategies that dramatically increase your conversion ability.










Weekly shadowing & skills/knowledge coaching sessions at our facility in West Perth. Give you the opportunity to be coached and coach to improve your own skill set.​

BONUS inclusions:

  • Online support via video tutorials, workshops, courses and more.

  • Introductions to our trusted network of professionals.

  • 2 x educational workshops.

  • Gym access during the 8 weeks.

  • Take home business systems & strategies for sales, marketing & finances.

Rebecca's mentoring experience:

I've learnt a lot from Jason over the last 8 weeks.


It was very interesting learning in great depth how the body and mind works and finding out how making small but correct adjustments to someones technique can dramatically affect their whole movement.


He guided me through many changes to my business, that have helped me run it far more effectively.


I would highly recommend the mentorship with Jason, soak up as much information from him as you can, his knowledge about the body is incredible.


ONLY 5 spots available!

IMG_3442 (1).JPG

If I cannot commit to 8 weeks does this affect the program commitment?
No - Depending on your situation, we can pick up where you left off at a later time. We also run 2 mentorships each year so there is the opportunity to catch up in the one later in the year.

If I cannot commit in MARCH 2019 when will the next intake be?

The next course will run in JULY 2019


How do I secure my spot?

Simply click on the links that say apply now or to reserve your spot. 


How many people will be in each intake?

A max of 5 spots are available to ensure quality of coaching.


Is the course online or face to face?

The course is online & face to face, there are some elements of our industry you cannot learn from a computer screen. I'm a big advocate of learning hands on. A big portion of the program is conducted through online mediums. Ie youtube, portals, Google drive etc.


Does this course certify me as a personal trainer?

No - This is an upskilling program that will add to your basic certifications but is not a certified course.

Can I complete the course if I am not a coach or personal trainer?

Yes, If your a business owner or aspiring coach or even a client you will gain so much from this course, this being said the training component is advanced so you want to assure you have some base training knowledge on anatomy and physiology.


Does this open the door to work with Earn The Right in the future?

Yes, all our coaches undergo rigorous training to attain the level of leadership every coach should aspire to become. This mentorship puts you well ahead of the rest.

If you are a PT or Coach who is ready to take your business and life to the next level click the "APPLY NOW" button below and let's start the conversation to see if this is the right program for you.

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