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Shoulder Rehabilitation: Part 2

Shoulder rehab for pinchy shoulders 💥

Straight forward & super simple.

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1️⃣. Stand up straight. 🤦‍♂️

⚠️ Poor posture 🚶🏻‍♂️(tilting forward from the ankles, posteriorly tilted rib cage & forward shift head), doesn’t provide a stable platform from which you can begin to re-build strength. When your bones aren’t stacked nicely on top of each other, it causes unnecessary tension to be held in places it shouldn’t be... calves, back, neck, pecs which will remain that way no matter how many spot fixes you throw at your shoulders.

2️⃣. Mobilise your big muscles.

🎯 Pecs - I’ve used a soft toy basketball 🏀 as my tool here. Reason being I want to affect as much muscle & fascia at the same time in as little time ⏰ (efficiency). A small hard ball is sometimes too hard & too specific so you end up missing some parts that are holding tension. Think about it like needing bread dough, if you go too hard you will spoil it.

🎯 Lats/serratus/teres major - similar concept I’ve used the football 🏈 to hit as muscle muscle & fascia as possible at once. I’m all about efficiency. You can hit the lat by itself or roll more into your ribs to hit the serratus or go more up to your arm pit to hit your teres major.

Stay tuned for step 3 & 4.


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