Earn The Right provides the highest quality Private, Semi-private and Small Group Coaching in the West Perth and Leederville area.

Certified, educated, supportive, motivated and passionate - our trainers are ready to guide clients through every aspect of training, nutrition and lifestyle to reach their desired goals, and then some.

We've combined the best of both worlds, all the personal attention of one-on-one personal training with the added fun & comradery of working towards your goals with other like-minded people.

Enjoy all the benefits of Private Coaching under the watchful eye of a coach in our Semi-Private training environment, with 1-6 other like-minded people at a much lower cost.

- Higher quality

- More fun

- Cost-effective

- Train more with a coach

- Be part of a like-minded tribe

We evaluate and assess every client so that we can create a program that will yield the best possible results for YOU. We address everything from Movement Mechanics and progress, at the clients pace, through Mobility, Coordination, Flexibility, Core Training, Strength, Conditioning, to achieve the best possible results while striving to balance challenge and enjoyment.

Our members are remarkably diverse; from the mother of three to the active businessman, the young and high-level athlete, as well as the individual trying to manage their weight and lifestyle without rescheduling their life around a workout.

Shane L.

I started with ETR because I wasn’t very motivated to go to the gym and found it very boring and repetitive, so I was looking for a different approach and a way to change things up and knew I needed help to do this. A friend had recently started training with Jason and encouraged me to give ETR a go so I bit the bullet and called the guys at ETR for an initial assessment and I haven’t looked back.

I have found Jason and the other trainers to be so knowledgeable and informative and they have helped me with so many different exercises and the proper forms of movement so that I didn’t injure myself, particularly my back – I didn’t realise I had been doing push-ups wrong all these years until Jason showed me the way!


It’s a great team environment with friendly, super-knowledgeable and talented trainers and you get the one-on-one focus and help even in the small work-out groups, without being overwhelmed with large numbers of people. Can’t recommend Jason and the rest of the team highly enough!